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  Zeolite Applications  
  Agriculture Agriculture
Ecological agricultural products, cultivation medium, soil treatment and remediation, golf courses.
  Animals Animals
Animal feed additive, animal waste treatment, fish farms and pet care products.
  Water Treatment Water Treatment
Municipal and industrial water treatment. Ammonia and heavy metal removal.
  Swimming Pool Filtration Swimming Pools
Filter medium for swimming pool filters. Replaces sand and improves filter performance.
  Construction Materials Construction
Construction materials, lightweight concrete, ceramics and frits.
  Industrial uses Industry
Absorbant, dehumidification, gas seperation, filtration.
  Health Health
Human dietary supplement, diarrhea treatment, absorbent for personal care products.
Pet Care
Aquarium Filters
Natural zeolites have many potential uses in the field of animal care. Clinoptilolite is an EU approved animal feed additive (E568) for use as a binder, anti-caking agent and coagulent in feed for pigs, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cattle and salmon. It is widely recognised as an effective aflatoxin and micotoxin binder and studies have shown that clinoptilolite increases feed conversion rates and reduces mortality rates.
Zeolite also reduces ammonia levels in the animal's intestines which helps to prevent health problems particularly in chickens. Zeolites adsorb the ammonia and are then excreted, and the excrement produces far less odour as a result of the inclusion of zeolite in the animal's diet.
Zeolite can also be used directly in cattle stalls, pig pens and hen houses as an absorbent to reduce odours and capture ammonia which is held in the zeolite's porous structure. It is particularly effective in hen houses where ammonia build up in the atmosphere can be detrimental to the health of the birds as well as a being a nuisance to neighbouring populations.
Zeolite offers an ecological solution to the problem of pig slurry which is a major concern in some areas of Spain. It can be used to absorb the liquid fraction of the slurry, and once saturated, it can be applied to fields as an effective slow release fertilzer. The zeolite holds the ammonium ions within its structure, thus preventing the formation of nitrates which cause a serious contamination problem. The ammonia, however, is still available to plants and is released slowly on demand.
These innovative ideas are being studied in detail at the Rancho Chinobampa in Mexico and their website www.ranchochinobampa.com.mx provides more information and ideas on how to use zeolites in agriculture. You can also view a wide range of scientific studies into the use of zeolites in animal related applications on the R+D page of our website.
Zeolite can be used as an absorbent bedding material to reduce odours and improve animal health in many other areas such as horses stables, animal enclosures in zoos, pet's cages in the home, cat litter, the list is endless. In fact, zeolite is suitable for use with almost all mammal and bird species. It is not suitable for use with reptiles because of it's highly absorbent character.
Zeolite is the perfect absorbent material for bird cages and is rapidly growing in popularity with bird keepers and breeders. Many birds, such as parrots for example, eat small quantities of certain minerals in their natural habitat to aid digestion, and natural zeolite can greatly improve the health and appearance of caged birds.
Another use of zeolite in the field of pet care is in aquarium filtration. Zeolite is very effective at removing ammonia from water and it is being used increasingly as a filter medium for aquariums, fish ponds, and even large scale fish farms (see Water Treatment page).
It is very popular with Koi keepers both as a filter medium to remove ammonia, and as a feed additive. Small quantities of micronized zeolite in the Koi's diet make a noticeable difference to the fish's health and appearance.
For more information the range of products available for all animal related applications, please consult our Products page.
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